1-17 Bell Lane

  • Early 1900s notice of sale
  • Auction 1908, details of 4 cottages
Archive Notes:

Notes on the properties in Bell Lane by J. McLennan in March 1989.

The results of the 1908 auction of Chillingworth properties is shown below and also referred to in the pdf file.

In 1908, some of the properties below which were part of the Chillingworth Estate were sold off at Auction and the sales recorded were as follows

Farm Little Meadow 1a. 2r. 39p. let to E Walker at £4, sold at £80 to Joseph Stowe

Greenings Meadow 7a. 0r. 38p. let to W Dennis at £16, sold after auction at £300 to A Welch

Dwelling house and shop in High Street [Chillingworth House butcher]  let to A Bathard at £12 sold to

       the tenant at £307

Four cottages in Bell Lane let at £23 3s 6d, sold to Mr Parsons at £305

    Sale Particulars quoted “...4 cottages with garden ground and outbuildings in rear, excellent water supply

    on premises”. The water supply was a pump & well - still located within No.5 and there are 2 “privies”

   (for use between 4 Cottages) at bottom of gardens of 1 & 7.

Cottage adjoining let at £6 18s 8d, sold to tenant C Jennings at £150

Three cottages in Bell Lane let at £19 18s 8d sold to Herbert Munt at £363

Cottage, builders premises and smithy with 1a 3r. 20p. land let at £40 sold to tenant Cullum Bros at £850

Freehold site used as coal wharf by E C Sheldon and let at £2 sold to tenant at £50

Chapman’s Close 2a. 0r. 32p. let to Joseph Shepherd at £7 sold to Cullum Bros for £166

Lime Kiln Piece 1a. 3r. 12p. let to W Avery as a timber yard at £10 sold to tenant at £240

Farm Close 7a. 3r. 34p. let to E C Sheldon t £20 sold to Mr Avery at £720

Two cottages at Blenheim let at £13 17s 4d. sold to Mr Parsons at £170

Cottage at Littleworth Lately let at £6 10s. sold to Mr Parsons at £81.

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