58-60 High Street, Rellew, Ansara & shop No. 62

  • The small shop attached to 62 High Street.
  • 58 and 60 High Street, houses developed in the 1930s
  • 1988. Kathy Hawley in the antiques shop at 62 High street as shown in the Centenary booklet
  • The empty shop at 62 High Street in 2020
  • 2016. When the shop was Goochie
  • Converted to a hairdressing salon in 2023
Archive Notes:

Nos 58 and 60 were developed on the site of a yard, with the 1910 Revaluation Survey map showing two attached buildings sketched in by hand, which may or may not be the houses today (2020). These were named Rellew and Ansara after Sara Ann Weller (Rellew is this spelt backwards) and, since she was born in 1892, there is some logic in these being named after her before she was married, with the development having, perhaps been carried out by her father Thomas Weller in 1910 and named after her when she was 18 years old. In the garden of Rellew the old pump is preserved.

This would fit in with the description relating to this 1910 survey which shows that Frederick Stamp owned two cottages (occupied by others). Stamp also owned the shop, now 56 High Street, but appears to have created the current (2020) lean-to shop (now 62 High Street), as a small part of this can be seen in records 1126 and 1272.

According to the Kelly directory, Mr Stamp ran a variety of different businesses. In 1895 describes him as a shopkeeper; 1899 he was selling grocery and drapery; and in 1911 he was selling china and glass. These businesses were probably run from 56 High Street (although china and glass could have been run from the lean-to), but later on, perhaps by 1920 when he was selling shoes, it was definitely the lean-to.

Later, the lean-to shop was owned by the Samuel butchers family who, at some stage used it to store sacks of potatoes for their fish and chip off-shoot in Station Road adjacent to their 50 High Street butcher's shop. At other times, the shop was run by Mr Emm as a chemist; later Stevie or Stephen Putt, shoemaker; then Kathy Hawley Antiques (later, perhaps, run by someone else as 'Long Ago'). In 2008, the shop traded as 'Goochie', hair design. Then (2020) vacant. Now (2024) owned by Tarek, hairdresser of Station Road and converted to a one-chair hair salon.

Evan and Edith Bax's memories (Margaret Axford, 'Tales form the Village Folk') recall that the little shop was earlier owned by Evan Bax as an ice-cream parlour. The couple lived in the house next door when the house to its right was lived in (and owned?) by Mr Stamp.

(The hairdresser, first 'Linda and Avril', then 'New Image', was at 56 High Street.)

For Weller family tree, see record 2072


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