High Street (nos 58, 60 and 62)

  • 1909. 58-62 High Street
  • Late 1900s, 58-62 High Street when 62 was Mr Stamps's shop
Archive Notes:

Photo showing 'Rellew' & 'Ansara' and no 56 on the left, also a postcard sent to May Munt in March 1909 in which there are no cars and 44 High Street was the Railway Tavern.

As to number 62, the shop, it had previously been run by Mr Stamp, who owned Ansara and lived in adjacent Rellew, selling shoes.

Later, the lean-to shop was owned by the Samuel butchers family who, at some stage used it to store sacks of potatoes for their fish and chip off-shoot in Station Road adjacent to their 50 High Street butcher's shop. At other times, the shop was run by Mr Emm as a chemist; later Stevie or Stephen Putt, shoemaker; then Kathy Hawley Antiques (later, perhaps, run by someone else as 'Long Ago'). In 2008, the shop traded as 'Goochie', hair design. Then (2020) vacant. Now (2024) owned by Tarek, hairdresser of Station Road and converted to a one-chair hair salon.

See record 1128 for more detail.

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