Rectory House - Internal

  • Mrs Betty Yates
  • First floor landing
  • First floor landing
  • 1994
  • 2004. etail of original plaster decoration above first floor door
  • First floor landing of original 17C oak staircase showing carved newel posts, splat balusters nd fine detail on the central supporting pillar
  • As above
  • Central supporting pillar and arches
  • Doorway to later additions
  • Most doors constructed of 3 planks
  • Door on 1st floor landing
  • Close up of splat balusters and carving on newel post
  • Carving on newel post
  • 17C moulding above doors on 1st floor landing
  • 17C moulding above doors on 1st floor landing
  • Original stone fireplace in a ground floor room, altered by addition of a mantelshelf and cast-iron grate with brick surround
  • Original 17C fireplace
  • As above
  • Access to the attic. Pintes support the hinges.
  • Door with simple wooden latch
  • Cupboard with mousehole
  • Note the meat hooks
  • Chimney in cellar probably used to heat water
  • Original window on the staircase
  • Original window on the staircase
  • Floor boards in the large 1st floor room are 17 inches wide
Archive Notes:

26 photos showing the inside of Rectory Farm House, including Mrs Betty Yates who lived there from 1961/2 until 2004.

See record 1030 for interiors


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