49, 51 Crown Road, Crown Cottage

  • Crown Cottage in 1976
  • Early 1980s. Crown Cottage with Ambrose Farm in the background
  • The bungalow, 51 Crown Road, to the east of Crown Cottage, 49 Crown Road. Since re-developed as shown below.
  • 2018. 51 Crown Road (photo by courtesy of Google Images, copyright)
  • 2018. 47 Crown Road and Crown Cottage, 49 Crown Road
  • 1980s. Crown Cottage in the foreground and 33-43 Crown Road behind - note that today (2018) there are many less chimneys on these properties.
  • 2000s. Crown Cottage in the foreground and 33-43 Crown Road behind
Archive Notes:

Crown Cottage, 49 Crown Road. Three photos of the cottage, one taken in 1976, one in the early 1980s, and one in 1989.

In 1813, it was one of only three habitations beyond (to the east) of The Crown. The one closest to The Crown had ceased to be inhabited by 1910, leaving the other two, Crown Cottages (in two occupations) and Ambrose Farm. In 1910 these cottages were owned by Hall's Brewery and one was occupied by James Gomm, the other by Elisha Shepherd.

The garden area to the west of the cottages has since been developed as a house, now 45 Crown Road (in 2018 there was no 47 High Street).

51 Crown Road To the other side (east of Crown Cottage) a bungalow was built and Phyllis Shepherd was living here after moving from the family home (88 Church Road) until she died c. 2005/6. In 2009 this redeveloped into a larger house as shown in the 2018 photo.

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