Tanning and associated trades

  • Map of the extent of the business in Wheatley
  • Details of the buildings used in Wheatley
  • An example of a tanning barn, not in Wheatley.
  • General picture of bark, which was an important commodity for the tanning business, being stripped. James Robbins of College Farm records many transactions. In 1849, a load of 114cwt. was worth £2.1.0. and another, in 1855 was worth £3.6.6. We do not know for whom it was destined but the tannery opposite would have used large quantities of oak bark and could have been a customer.
  • General picture of a tanner preparing hides
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Details with text and pictures the process of tanning raw animal hides and the use of oak bark, and where this was carried on in Wheatley.

Another copy of the map at 2283.

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