Manor farmland sales 1841 and 1846

  • Map for February 1846 sale
  • Map for February 1846 sale showing Lot 3
  • Map for June 1846. Lot 1 adjacent to the Manor House.
  • Plan of another, but unsuccessful, sale of the 1846 Lot 1 after the railway had been built.
  • Description of the Lots for June 1846
  • Press advert for sale of 269 acres and the Manor House on 4 February 1841
Archive Notes:

Paper with maps showing sales in February 1841, and in February and June 1846. Vendor not known in 1841 but purchaser appears to have been J Graves according to Magdalen College deeds, see record 1017.

Map images are shown separately on this record.

In the June 1846 sale, Lot 1 was the land adjacent to the Manor House and still in the ownership of this property. It was pasture and has evidence of extant ridge and furrow. A further map shows this offered as two Lots after the Railway had been built across this land.

The February 1846 map shows that the land to the east of Ladder Hill had already been sold and this was owned by Mr Groves, who had bought Rectory Farm in 1840, and Mrs Holman.

See also record 2269

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