Heath Family

  • Percival Aubrey Heath, born 1893
  • Percy Heath in Royal Engineers uniform
  • Percy Heath (standing) in France, 1916
  • Percy Heath and Maggie Heath (and their 5 children, Margaret (the eldest), Aubrey b. 1922, Ken b. 1925, Gerald b. 1929, Dennis b. 1931
  • Charles Heath (licensee of The King and Queen) and wife Elizabeth (née Gleed) in 1922
  • Percy Heath
Archive Notes:

Charles m. Elizabeth Gleed - Three children-the youngest, Percival Aubrey Heath served in WW1. He married Margaret Wood and they had 5 children, Margaret, Aubey, Ken, Gerald and Dennis.

Charles Heath was from Oxford and Elizabeth Gleed from Garsington. Charles was born in 1854 and Elizabeth in 1855.

Percival Aubrey (Albury) was the younger of their three sons. He was born in Holton in 1893. In 1881 the family was living in Bell Row and Charles was a gardener. In 1901 and 1911 Charles was a publican in the King and Queen. Percy occupation in 1911 was given as Butchers Assistant. He joined the Royal Engineers in 1914. In 1921 he married Margaret Wood in Wellington, Shropshire and they had five children.

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