Wheatley Primary School Staff -1986 and 1990

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Wheatley Primary School Staff -1986 and 1990. Clive Hallett was headmaster.

Wheatley Primary School Staff 1986

Back Row: Helen Blurton, Mary Baldwin, ?, ?

Second Row: Mr Brookes, Mary Moppett, Eileen Dungey, Russell Pickvance, Clare Bishop, Elaine Belsey, Wendy Whittacker Front Row: Ann Mason, Mervyn Christopher, Clive Hallett, Hazel Aylesbury, Valerie Targett.

Wheatley C of E Primary School Staff 1990

Third Row: ?, ?, Mr Carpenter, Russell Pickvance, ?, Lou Sharpy, Jill Cansell Second Row: Wendy Whittaker, Mary Baldwin, ?, Claire Bishop, ?, Mary Moppet, ?,

Front Row: Valerie Targett, Ann Mason, Alun East, Clive Hallett (head), Hazel Aylesbury, Helen Blurton, ?.

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