5 High Street, Sunnybank

  • Sunnybank, 5 High Street, owned by Joseph Frampton (1825-1909). At one time a beer house known as the Royal Oak
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This was a butchery business carried on by the Rose family, who had acquired this property in 1751, in the 18th and 19th centuries. There was a slaughter house on the site from 1809 to 1938, and cattle were pastured on the Green awaiting slaughter. No. 5 High Street was originally two cottages and was owned early in the 20th century by Joseph Frampton and it was, at one time, a beer house or ale house called the Royal Oak. The alley beside it was known as Frampton’s alley. Nos 1 High Street and 3 High Street are now 2 Church Road.

Owned by Joseph Frampton (1825-1909). Photo of construction of garage for No 11, No 5 High Street can be seen

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