65-67 High Street, Oxford House

  • As a general store
  • 2018
  • 1988. School of English as shown in the Centenary booklet
Archive Notes:

Photos of Oxford House as a general store, (established 1866, at one stage it was a grocery store run by Ted Shepherd, then after the 2nd World War this was run by Evan Bax and Edith Bax), 2nd hand clothes shop and School of English.

65 High Street. A Tudor cottage stood here. In the 1950s, this was replaced by a modern building as a shop with a flat above, at first a bookmaker’s, then a dress shop, later a travel agency, now part of the English Language School.

67 High Street. It is not clear what stood on this site before it became Oxford House, a double-fronted clothes shop in 1866. It may be that the previous building burned down but it is a moot point as to whether this was an inn. In 1982 it was bought by the Vernede family and converted into its current use (2018) as an English School.

The Bax couple also owned and ran the property to the rear as Bax garage.

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