26 Crown Road, Mulberry Court

  • 1950s
  • from the 2010s
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Aerial view of Mulberry Court land and garden, late 1950's.

The Gadbury family lived here 1612 in the ‘third last house’. Gadbury leased 180 strips from All Souls College. In 1661 John Gadbury ‘gent’ died. The present house dates from mid-17th century. The cottage on Crown Road was the lower kitchen. The Adeane family lived here well before Mulberry Court was purchased by the son William Whorwood Adeane sometime in the 18th century. It passed out of the Adeane family on the death of William in 1782 as he had no heirs, save four cousins.

The barn has an unusual roof structure see David Clark, Cranked Inner Principals, Vernacular Architecture Vol 35 (2004), pp. 32-39.

At some time known as The Elms, it was renamed Mulberry Court by the owner Ivy Morgan (lived there 1943-1962) when the elm trees were felled.

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